Why Xero?

Bookkeeping is a major chore, Xero makes the major and critical chore of bookkeeping enjoyable. Xero is the leading cloud accounting software in the field of accounting and book keeping. Xero covers the whole range of small business needs. Xero is a brilliant accounting software in the cloud, it is accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device. It works on bank activities and automatically matches those activities to accounting transactions. Every small business owner knows that maintaining a cash flow is key to success. The dashboard in Xero is designed to show business cash flow at a glance. The dashboard includes following:

How much cash is in the bank?

Which customers haven’t paid their invoices?

How many bills are to be paid?

Business performance graphs.

Xero connects with 5000 banks globally to categorise all the latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions.

Here are the following benefits of using Xero:

Businesses can send online invoices to customers for immediate payments.

They can manage purchase orders, bills and make batch payments to suppliers from Xero.

Businesses can check bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills on the go.

All transactions can be linked with instant access and up to date reporting.

Xero is a cloud software, which requires no installation and no maintenance.

Xero provides a strong level of security. They have invested heavily to protect data against unauthorized access and system failures.

Unlimited permitted users can access a Xero organisation file.

Xero has an open API making it easier for developers to easily connect with it.

Transactions are backed up automatically and stored on cloud.

Xero has in built capability of tax compliance.

Xero is a great way to automate and save time.