No matter what sort of business you have or what type of product or service you provide, you may need to charge and collect VAT, paying it to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), unless your items are VAT-free or you fall below the VAT threshold. Once you hit the magic figure and have to register for VAT, it can impact significantly upon your ability to be competitive, particularly if you are involved in production, manufacturing or retail. By preparing to take care of your VAT early on, you can make sure that it will not knock down your margins or force you to increase prices. We can help by getting to know your business and advising on the right time, if any, to register for VAT. If you are not sure of your position with regard to VAT, don’t take chances; talk to us now.

Why use Falcon to look after your VAT?

We make it easy for you to keep things under control, including your VAT, by offering an affordable accountancy package that takes care of this along with all other essential issues. With access to your very own dedicated accountant, we can help you no matter your position; SMEs,Contractors, Landlords, Freelancer, YouTubers, Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs; all of these and many more are clients of Falcon. Our all-inclusive service will take care of not only your VAT but also your business and personal tax affairs. Why struggle with the complexities of VAT and other issues when you can have access to invaluable advice and assistance from professional accountants? Be savvy and proactive and talk to Falcon.