SME Business

All businesses require accounting support and SMEs are no different. We regularly work alongside these types of companies, taking care of every aspect of accounting and dealing with HMRC as required. For a regular monthly fee we provide plentiful support so that you always know exactly how much tax you owe, paying salaries on your behalf and dealing with any director dividends. If you need to register for VAT or file returns, this also falls under our remit. Whatever services you need to include such as a full bookkeeping, bank integration and reconciliation, we are here to assist.

Whilst taking care of your accounts may not sound like a big ask, when you are trying to run and manage a company at the same time, it can be incredibly difficult at times to dedicate the hours required to keep things orderly and fully compliant. Whether you have one employee or many, we will keep on top of all of your paperwork, ensuring that nothing is missed and that you are paying the right amounts when it comes to tax and national insurance.