Pension & Auto Enrolment

As a UK-based employer then your eligible employees need to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension. This might sound simple enough but when you are busy with other tasks, including looking after and running your business, auto enrolment can be a headache. For this reason, you need the team at Falcon by your side; we take every challenge in our stride, easing the burden of auto enrolment totally and leaving you free to focus on other things. We will get to know your business and then advise on an affordable and easy to run workplace pension scheme that will suit not only your company but your budget. Acting as your advisory team, we will be at your side, assisting not only with implementation but also taking care of all of the administration.

Why use Falcon for your pension and auto enrolment?

Our workplace pension service will support you in every way, taking care of auto enrolment and the management of the scheme. Our service deals with all of the following so you don’t have to:

• A UK pension scheme from a trusted and reputable provider
• Simple and affordable pricing that takes care of everything you need
• Simple set-up with full support
• Suitable for all companies from one employee upwards
• Ability to transfer pensions if employees change jobs
• Choose from a range of retirement options

Talk to Falcon today and let us take care of your pension and auto enrolment, eradicating every worry.