Working with landlords throughout the UK, we ensure that all property accounts are taken care of correctly and on time and that advice is provided when required. If you are finding it hard to deal with the tax repercussions of changes to your property portfolio, we are here to assist. When we work by your side, you will be provided with your own personal accountant who will carry out precise analysis of your accounts and plan ahead to avoid any problems that may result in you having to pay extra tax. With Falcon on your side, you will not need to worry about:

• Capital gains
• Rental income
• Preparation of accounts
• Preparation of self-assessment tax returns
• Liaison with HMRC

Non-resident landlord? The Government scheme that deals with this will handle any rental income you receive from UK property if you are based overseas. We can handle all of this on your behalf, getting you registered on the scheme and dealing with your expenses, letting agents, tax due and self-assessment.
Whether you are a landlord of one property or many, you will not need to worry that your accounts are not being taken care of correctly. In the busy world of property management, you will already have many demands on your time from tenants, maintenance professionals and even estate agents. We allow you to focus on your business exclusively by leaving all of the accounting matters to us.