Income Tax & Self Assessment

Completing your self-assessment income tax return needn’t be an act of dread but it can be, particularly if you do not have sufficient knowledge with regard to tax and how it affects your work. We provide a service that takes care of everything, including the creation of records of income and expenditure for sole traders and partnerships. By choosing the professionals to take care of your tax return, you will know that you are paying the correct amount of tax, given that we will assess both your personal and business circumstances. This is the only sure way of knowing that all expenses and deductions have been accounted for. We can even deal with self-assessments that cover property investment and Capital Gains Tax as well as taking care oflooking after self-assessment registration, HMRC self-assessment enquires and acting as an agent.

Why choose Falcon Accounting for Income Tax and Self-Assessment?

Self-assessment – that dreaded word! Don’t let filling in your tax return every year fill you with dread or result in a giant headache. With Falcon by your side we will make sure that it is completed accurately and returned to HMRC on time, avoiding all fines and penalties. Our comprehensive self-assessment service will deal with all of your tax affairs, including such things as income, expenses, benefits and pensions. If capital gains or properties are involved, this can be included. Once we have calculated correctly your tax position we can liaise with HMRC on your behalf and will be available to help with all queries and questions in relation to your tax, such as when payments need to be made. Get Falcon working for you today.