Who are Falcon?

Falcon are your Cloud based Xero and QuickBooks Certified accountant and bookkeeper. Providing clients with access to our broad range of accountancy skills, we help your business to grow and develop, knowing that your accounts and taxes are being taken care of as they should be.

Constantly adapting to take into account new technology and innovation, we deal with any problems proactively. Using a cloud-based system to manage your accounts, you always have instant access from anywhere at any time and from all types of mobile devices. Get a real-time view of your accounts, always knowing your current position. Designed to work in a sophisticated way alongside the more traditional style of accounting methods, real-time reporting always available and we are able to manage your accounts expertly, making the whole area of accounting worry and stress free from your point of view. You can sit back and relax, confident that your tax and accounting concerns are in safe hands. We will always providing you with reliable advice whilst ensuring that we take account of your budgets and cash-flows.

What we do?

Falcon are modern accountants; gone are the days of battling through reams of files using sluggish and outdated methods. We embrace all types of new technology, making accounting as painless and headache free as it should be. Partnered with Xero and QuickBooks, we work alongside our clients to ensure that their tax returns are minimized and profits increased, our objective being to help grow their business whilst hitting all financial targets. Time is money to every business and this is why our cloud-based accounting software is so incredibly popular; not only do you save on many wasted business hours but your financial pressures will be totally eradicated using the cloud.


Your own designated accountant

Once you sign up with us, we will provide you with your own personal accountant, meaning that you will deal with the same person all of the time, making communication so much simpler. Everything that can possibly be delegated to us will be; things such as raising invoices, checking and reconciling bank statements, assessing tax liabilities and payments due – all of this and much more will be taken under the wing of Falcon. You will receive from your nominated accounts manager superb advice, support and access to all of the forecasts and reports required. No matter where you are based in the world, we will be by your side by phone, email or even Skype.

Whatever the size of your business – sole trader, SME,Contractor, Landlord, Freelancer, YouTuber, Blogger or Online Entrepreneur, we will provide you with a bespoke accounting service that will be affordable and totally professional. Contact the team at Falcon Accounting today and let’s get the conversation started.