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As a full-service cloud accounting firm, we offer a wide range of cloud accounting services to meet the needs of a business. Since years accounting industry runs on the same rules. But in today’s world, this industry applies those same rules on new technology.


The benefits of choosing cloud accounting system for business are significant and create efficiency. We make sure that clients have the right systems and processes for a faster tax return.

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Making Tax Digital

Falcon Accounting believes in evolving with time. Tax liabilities and traditional accounting methods evolved with evolution of digital world. Making Tax Digital (MTD) will change the core of accounting system and tax liabilities.

Business Consulting

Choosing cloud accounting software for business provides the ability to see the financial position of client’s business from anywhere, at any time, on any device. It saves time and run their business, by entering expenses on the go, or even invoicing customers from a smartphone.

Highly experience

At Falcon Accounting Ltd, we have a team of Chartered Accountants. They are highly experienced in all aspects of cloud accounting. They assist clients with implementing a cloud accounting system and maximising the benefits of the technology.

Top quality service

As a cloud accountant firm, the technology allows us to work with businesses located anywhere in the UK. Cloud-based solutions make it possible for us to provide top quality service to clients nationwide, and to our international clients as well.


Who we are?

Falcon Accounting Ltd offers depth of resource and specialist skills of accountancy. We help our clients expand and develop and deal with problems and opportunities as and when they arise.Our team of certified accountants ensure to provide quality accounting services in right prices.

SME business

Falcon Accounting Ltd serves various SME clients. We operate in a wide range of sectors and professional services. We provide high-end services to all our SME clients, regardless of what sector of business they belong to.

Our team is there to provide support and services to help our clients reach their goal. Whether clients need help with accounts and tax returns, or corporate finance, we give the support they need.



We offer cloud accounting services to property landlords. We manage their rental accounts by keeping it up to date. We keep a track of the payments made by tenants and outstanding credits.

Our experts are always there to advise clients on investing rental income, whether they know about cloud accounting or they are new to it.



Falcon Accounting Ltd offers accounting services to contractors by taking care of their accounts and tax affairs. Contractors have to follow IR35 rules, we know that these rules are not simple to follow. Our team of experts is always there to provide guidance on IR35, so the client can be stress-free and focus on work.



Freelancers and start-up businesses have a lot on their plates such as clients, invoices, projects and more. Then comes their tax liabilities and accounting journals, this is where we step in and help freelancers and start-up businesses with tax liabilities and accounting journals.

We offer customised services for freelancers and start-up businesses by providing them bespoke services, from real time information to overdue or unpaid credits.


YouTubers, Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

Since YouTubers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs rule the digital and online world. Cloud accounting services are their companion as cloud accounting can be accessed anywhere and anytime just like blogs and videos.

Falcon Accounting Ltd offers modified services to the YouTubers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Our team ensures to look after clients’ invoices and accounting liabilities by using their expertise.

Why Xero?

Bookkeeping is a major chore, Xero makes the major and critical chore of bookkeeping enjoyable.

How much cash is in the bank?

Which customers haven’t paid their invoices?

How many bills are to be paid?

Business performance graphs.

Falcon Accounting Ltd offers depth of resource and specialist skills of accountancy

Our services

Falcon Accounting Ltd offers cloud accounting services to a wide range of sectors in the UK
Annual Accounts

Annual accounts are financial records of a company, a comprehensive report of the financial activity of a limited company during its latest financial year. This comprehensive report is submitted to HMRC for tax return purposes. Falcon Accounting Ltd offers modified services for annual accounts, and saves the companies from a hassle.

Book-keeping services

There is an obligation on every firm to keep a financial record of their transactions. If any firm fails to provide financial records to HMRC, they are fined up to £3,000. But bookkeeping is not only because of legal requirements, it is a major constituent of a successful business.


We, at Falcon Accounting Ltd ensures that our clients pay taxes on time and in right amount as per HMRC’s real time reporting requirements. We work with a wide range of businesses as well as assist our clients unravel the VAT issues for their clients. We are well known and highly regarded by the profession. Our VAT services are widely used by firms all over the UK. We help SME business, landlords, contractors, start-ups, Ltd companies and YouTubers/bloggers/online entrepreneurs with tax liabilities.


Administering payroll can be time consuming and troublesome, diverting dynamism and resources from the core activities of a business. And the task is made tough by the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation and the accompanying regime of penalties for non-compliance.

Pension and Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment is a government initiative designed to help people save for their retirement, which means every employer in the UK has a duty to enrol their employees into a pension scheme and contribute towards it.